The current condition of the Sig Tau house is dire.  Our house was built in 1925 for a single family, not for 50 years of “Fraternity Life.”  The upstairs bathroom isn’t functioning and no one has lived at the house for a year or so.  Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Mike Hampton, Bel Ridge Fire Inspector, was at our house on December 10th.  He said, “If anyone was living there, he would have condemned it as well.”  Hampton allowed us a pass because the upstairs isn’t habituated. He also further explained that the rest of the house is not far behind. However, it’s very clear our house is literally on its last leg, and we need a new chapter house. 

If not, without a house, our chapter and the traditions that go along with it will be a thing of the past.The time is now to help maintain the legacy of Sig Taus at UMSL before the deterioration leads to the decline of the active chapter. It's on all of us to give back to preserve the legacy we helped build.