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The last 2 years the progress made with the housing fund has been tremendous. In 2018, we had a group of dedicated brothers come together and decide that we need a more comprehensive approach to our housing fund and plan. During that time, there have been huge strides towards building a new chapter house. 
Coming off the 50th chapter anniversary, we saw an increase in donations. There was close to $15,000 donated and another $10,000 committed by various brothers in 18 months. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the brothers and supporters who gave donations to our housing fund. 

We, the housing committee, have hired an architect that drafted the first round of preliminary drawings. We then met with the City of Bel-Ridge's Planning and Zoning Committee to present our drawings on March 9th 2020. Bel Ridge's support was extremely encouraging, and they instructed us that our next step is to present our plans to the Board of Alderman in a public meeting. Due to COVID-19, the meeting has been pushed back five times. We are hopeful that we can hold our presentation in the first quarter of 2021. 
We understand that the current pandemic has left people with a lot of uncertainty especially with their finances. It was a collective decision of the housing committee to not aggressively solicit donations for the housing fund during a pandemic. However, if you are willing and able to make a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated. 



The active chapter came into the Fall with twenty-four members on rolls. Again, 2020 has presented difficulties for everyone. Just before the start of the semester UMSL decided to move to an all online format. In the name of safety, they have had little to no on campus gatherings. Despite these obstacles, the Active Chapter rushed a five man new member class. They are completing the new member program with an online and limited in person format.



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